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Packaging: The Devil’s Kitchen

Devil's Spice -Packaging

The Devil’s Kitchen was one of my last projects at Drexel University, that turned into a proof of concept for a gourmet boutique. While the package never came to fruition, my mentor advised that this was ready to go to market. Creating an imaginary brand and then fleshing out all the pieces for it is a highly frustrating yet rewarding experience.

The Devil’s Kitchen is a faux line of spices guaranteed to make you feel you’re in Hell’s Kitchen itself. A set of five dried peppers ranging from mild to scorching on the heat index are stacked vertically in metal tins – each with its own label and belly band. A high quality set of measuring spoons accompanies a bottle of fiery hot sauce as well as a recipe book for those adventurous enough to really heat up their kitchen. All these pieces come together in the main package, which is a vertical, hinged set of two boxes with die-cut windows, allowing you to see the temperature range of the spices inside.

devilskitchen1 devilskitchen3 devilskitchen4