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Branding & Package Design: Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals


PRN started off this re-brand with little more than a logo. I created a brand that embodies the wide selection of products and offerings in a custom periodic table aesthetic. Each category of product has its own color palette, and each product is represented by a two-letter symbol in a corresponding icon.

Once the brand was established, refined and approved, I set to work creating a vast library of marketing materials: direct mailers, business stationery collateral, sales slicks, brochures, and consumer-facing literature – all in multiple languages. Most important, perhaps, was the labelling and packaging. Making sure the Nutrition Label was up to spec and that the labels held all the relevant information – even on tiny bottles meant for only 10 capsules – was a challenge, but quite rewarding when viewing the entire branded product line as a whole.

The brand endures, and the company recently released their new website using the brand guidelines I helped set in place.