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Web Design: Luther Woods Nursing & Rehab Center


The overall mandate of this website design was to make sure the information was presented clearly and that all questions would be answered for both seniors and caretakers looking to find a phenomenal facility for nursing and rehab care. One of the main things incorporated on this site is a simple, step-by-step form to schedule a visit. By answering only one question at a time, the user isn’t overwhelmed in an already overwhelming process. Resources and forms are presented for an at-your-fingertips library on the homepage, again, bringing the most important information to the forefront, for the people who would be using the website to seek it out.

While the user experience is simple and easy to navigate, consideration was also given to the aesthetic. The facility itself is a welcoming environment, and I wanted to bring that warmth into the design through the color palette, fonts and textures. Visit the Luther Woods website